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Core home and community assistance - BALLARAT

Core home and community assistance provides the day-to-day support to help you get on with your life. Your support worker comes to you to help you build skills and confidence in daily life activities – the things you need sorted to maintain focus on your personal recovery and growth. You decide what you want help with, but commonly people get help to manage daily household tasks and take care of themselves, to learn about cooking healthy meals and get assistance with shopping, to support them to use public transport and engage in community activities, or help manage appointments with other care providers.

Who for:

People who need day-to-day assistance in the home or with getting out and about in the community.

How to access:

Through an NDIS package that has funding for daily assistance and capacity building, a support plan through another agency, or purchase this service with your own funds.

Outcome statement:

Feel more in control of your everyday life and learn the skills to become more independent.
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