Mind has developed a model of support, fundable through the NDIS, that is both personalised and flexible enough to adjust to your needs at any time.

There are complementary streams of service that you can choose from, with lots of options for you to 'pick and mix'. You don't have to use services from all of the streams, but we do think together they provide a comprehensive approach to mental health and wellbeing. It's up to you what mix of support services best suit your needs. If you have an NDIS package and need a support service that is not listed here, or have moved to an area where the NDIS has not yet fully rolled out, you are encouraged to call our NDIS intake team to discuss. View all of Mind's NDIS services.  (Currently offered in Victoria only)

Outside of NDIS-funded services, Mind also provides a range of more intensive supports, including sub-acute residential services.

View Mind's Hope for a better life brochure which provides an overview of our NDIS services.


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Mind Thrive Centres

Mind Thrive Centres

Mind Thrive Centres for mental health and wellbeing provide a 'one-stop-shop' where you can access a whole range of services and activities delivered by specialist practitioners.

Learn the skills and get the advice to live the life you want - all under one roof in an environment that is not just safe and secure, but one that we hope you'll find inspiring as well.

Our team can help you with information, advice, counselling and learning opportunities. We can also link you with housing, education and employment services, or provide specialist assessments, and support for complex behaviours.

You choose what support you need, from people with specialist skills. This way you get the right support to get you closer to achieving your dreams.

Our staff team includes people who have experienced recovery and who can share their learnings and insights with you and your family and friends. You might choose a little bit of support or a range of supports. We can help you explore and find the right mix for you.

Our mix of specialists may vary a little from centre to centre, but generally we offer:

  • peer mentors and helpers to provide regular emotional and motivational support
  • mental health coaches to help you achieve your life goals
  • health and wellbeing education
  • counselling - individual and family skills training
  • coordination of supports
  • specialist assessment
  • behaviour support
  • problem solving, tenancy advice and linkage with housing services
  • employment and vocational support
  • support for family, friends and carers
  • NDIS advice and planning support.

Visit your nearest Mind Thrive Centre to find out the full range of services you can choose. While there, you can also book Core and Connect Up services.

Thrive mental health and wellbeing services can be purchased through an NDIS support package. If you are not an NDIS participant, you can still purchase Thrive support by paying directly.

Core home and community assistance

Core home and community assistance

The day-to-day support to help you get on with your life.

Your Mind Core support worker comes to you to help you build skills and confidence in daily life activities - the things you need sorted to maintain focus on your personal recovery and growth.

You decide what you want help with, when you need it, and for how long you need this assistance.*  Examples of the kinds of things you can ask for help with include:

  • managing daily household tasks and taking care of yourself
  • meal planning, shopping and cooking
  • budgeting and managing day-to-day tasks
  • managing and supporting you with appointments and activities (doctors, social workers, Centrelink, etc.)
  • supporting you on social outings and recreation activities
  • learning to use public transport and building confidence to get out on your own
  • social support and encouragement.

To book a Core home and community assistance package, you can:

  • visit the Mind Thrive Centre nearest you
  • contact our dedicated customer service centre on 1300 286 463.

* Core service visits are a minimum of 2 hours for any one session. Additional travel, entry or purchase expenses involved in outings are charged at cost in addition to the hourly support rate.

Connect Up group recreation and leisure activities

Connect Up group recreation and leisure activities

Helping you connect socially and follow your interests - an important step to building a better life.

Mind's Connect Up group recreation and leisure activities are all about getting you back into the world and back into your community. Make new friends and start to enjoy getting active again.

Even if it's a coffee or walk in the park, these sorts of activities can help you rebuild your confidence. This helps put some real meaning and purpose back into your life.

The Connect Up activities you purchase can be tailored to suit your pace and interests.

You can also help us decide which activities we'll run in your area. We will ask you about what you like to do or would like to try, and if enough people also want this activity, we'll organise it!

Here are examples of the activities people have chosen:

  • coffee afternoons at friendly cafes, or picnics in the park
  • art and craft, or creative writing classes
  • seeing movies, plays or sporting events
  • going to the beach, fishing or hiking
  • going to the gym, or an exercise or swim class
  • joining a walking or running group
  • music and singing
  • cooking classes.

To book a Connect Up group recreation and leisure activity, you can:

  • visit a Mind Thrive Centre nearest you
  • contact our dedicated customer service centre on 1300 286 463.

Connect Up group recreation and leisure activities can be purchased through an NDIS support package. If you are not an NDIS participant, you can still purchase Connect Up activities by paying directly.

Supported independent living

Supported independent living

Mind offers supported independent living services to residents in Mind-managed housing for people who want to be free to live as they choose, but have access to someone on-site to assist them if necessary. The program will also offer organised activities to promote confidence and skills and help connect you to other supports in the community.

Tenancy is managed separately.

NDIS service

Supported independent living - PRESTON

1300 286 463
More information about Supported independent living - PRESTON