18 May 2022

Emerging artist and Mind Australia resident Brodie Alserda will showcase her work at her first public exhibition ‘Through Her Eyes’ from June. The Haven Frankston resident was awarded a $5,000 Artist Project Grant from Frankston City Council to hold the exhibition at the council’s Mezzanine Gallery.

The exhibition, which opens on Thursday 2 June, features Brodie’s favourite style – Zentangle drawings, which are black and white patterns that are adapted to suit the subject matter. The exhibition also includes full colour pieces that involve complex colour blending techniques.

Brodie has previously showcased her work in a private exhibition, selling more than 70 pieces. Having people, often complete strangers, admire her work has helped boost Brodie’s self-belief and confidence.

“I feel really proud that so many people liked my work and wanted to meet me, and some wanted photos with me, which made me feel happy. Some of my art was even sent to England and Scotland, and mum says that makes me an international artist,” Brodie joked.

“Art has been an escape for me when I have been sad, anxious or unwell mentally. I don’t worry about my problems when I’m doing art, I always feel more relaxed and calmer. It makes me feel like I’m in another place, like I’m dreaming as I imagine how the shapes will work together – it’s very satisfying.”

Brodie’s lifelong focus on art has been a positive outlet while living with complex mental and physical health issues, which stem from a Chromosome deletion disorder. Brodie has been diagnosed with autism, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder, and she was bullied extensively throughout her childhood.

Despite all of these challenges Brodie remains positive and has found purpose through art.

“Art is art and there is no better thing, even a line on a canvas is a piece of art,” Brodie said.

Through Her Eyes will be on display at Frankston City Council from Thursday 2 June until Saturday 24 September 2022. For more information visit the Frankston City Council website.