22 May 2023

Mind Australia clients across Melbourne will showcase how they use creative practice to express themselves and advance their mental health recovery at a public art display. 

An exhibition of multimedia art works by clients of Mind’s Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response (EIPSR) program will be held at Kindred Cameras Gallery in Docklands on Thursday 15 June 2023. 

The Inquisitive Minds: A collection of works exhibition will feature creative expressions from people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns from across metropolitan Melbourne. 

The EIPSR program provides short-to-medium term psychosocial support for people who are ineligible for, or have not yet accessed, the NDIS. It delivers one-on-one and group-based support so that people experiencing mental health concerns can manage their wellbeing, engage with their community and develop practical life and social skills. 

As part of the EIPSR program’s weekly group sessions, participants have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with others and explore a range of creative mediums, including photography, drawing, animation, painting and collage. 

The participants are supported by Mind’s peer facilitators, who draw on their lived experience and passion for artistry to cultivate safe, welcoming environments for all participants. 

Thao Ngo, a Mind EIPSR Lead Practitioner, said the range of creative mediums has encouraged participants to give life to inner thoughts, feeling and experiences but photography has been especially popular. 

“Once a week, a group of keen photographers from the group gather in the community and venture out to photograph the local terrain around Melbourne; from the busy city streets, beach landscapes, urban forests and unearthing hidden gems,” she said. 

Ms Ngo said the exhibition is a rewarding reflection of creativity, personal discovery and recovery.  

“This exhibition represents 12 months of exploring personal experiences and landscapes – both through natural environment urban spaces and engagement in powerful self-expression tools. The pieces exhibited show the unique lens through which each person sees the world.” 

Dorian (pictured above) is a Mind EIPSR client who participated in last year’s art exhibition in Camberwell

He said being able to learn new creative skills has helped boost his confidence. Photography and song-writing has also “helped me navigate a challenging situation in my life”, he said. 

Inquisitive Minds: A collection of works will be on display at Kindred Cameras Gallery in Docklands on Thursday 15 June 2023 (12 – 2 pm). 

Art and creative groups that help support mental health recovery are commonplace throughout Mind services across Australia. To learn about Mind support services near you contact Mind Connect on 1300 286 463.