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Eligible people can now get up to 10 sessions of support from a Mind Australia registered psychologist through the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS).

There is currently no wait list for this new Mind service, so eligible people can access this service right away.

The Medicare Benefits Schedule is a list of fees for health services set by the Australian Government for treatment as a private patient.

Psychologists from Mind’s Allied Health team provide support via telehealth platforms nationally, as part of a Mental Health Care Plan and referral from a GP. A gap fee is charged for this service.

You can find our available psychologists here.

“The Allied Health team’s psychologists are qualified practitioners who are experienced in supporting people with a wide range of challenges,” Adele Henwood, Mind’s General Manager for Specialist National Services said.

“People with a Mental Health Care plan and a referral from their GP can now come through to Mind to receive the help they need.”

“Our psychologists provide clinical assessment, interventions and capacity building for people with mental health, dual disability and/ or complex support needs.”

Mind CEO Gill Callister said the introduction of Mind’s psychologist support services to the MBS will help people get the support they need in a more streamlined way.

“This new approach is based on our experience in taking a holistic approach to wellbeing and aligns with our goals of ensuring services are curated to the individual needs of the people accessing them.”

“We hope this new service will become an integral part of Mind’s Allied Health team service offering.”

Mind’s psychologists are part of a team of Allied Health professionals including occupational therapists and social workers. They provide a broad range of technical, therapeutic and direct health services to improve the mental health and wellbeing of the people who access our services.

Find out more about Mind’s Allied Health services by visiting our website, or call Mind Connect on 1300 286 463. Our Client Support Administrators (CSA) team will assist with gathering referral information and support booking directly with our psychologists.

Find the Mind psychologist that’s right for you here.