In home and community support

Recovery planning and support - MILE END

Through a tailored support package, you can access a range of activities, services and learning opportunities that will help you live well in the community. Intensity of support provided is flexible and responsive to your particular needs. Support can help you manage many routine aspects of your day-to-day life, as well as bigger challenges such as developing social networks and improving interpersonal skills.

Who for:

People who are struggling with mental health issues and need support to live well in the community.

How to access:

Access to ICSP, ISP or IPRSS funded places is via the state government intake system. People 16-64yrs with a formal diagnosis of mental illness are accepted, but eligibility will depend on how the person's life is affected by the illness. Access to a PHaMs funded place is available to people 16yrs+ and a formal diagnosis is not required. Available funding streams vary by location. Fee-for-service arrangements are also available.

Outcome statement:

Improved health, wellbeing, connection with others and potential to flourish in life
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