Support coordination

Support coordination - MILE END

Partners in Recovery (PiR) provides strengths-based 'wrap around' care, coordinating support from a range of services to ensure your needs are met.

Your support coordinator promotes communication between the support services involved in your care and facilitates appointments.

Who for:

People with diagnosed mental health-related disability and other co-existing issues such as, problems with drug and alcohol use, family violence, problems with the law, and homelessness.

How to access:

Eligibility criteria include: a diagnosed mental illness that is severe and persistent; complex needs that require substantial support from multiple agencies, but which the person cannot coordinate themselves; a willingness to be referred for ongoing clinical treatment; a recent engagement with services that identified a pressing concern about the person's mental health or other issues.

Outcome statement:

Get the support you need to deal with significant issues in your life and help to manage your appointments.
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