Recovery planning and support


Connect is an alternative to admission and early discharge pathway program for people experiencing mental health and wellbeing issues that require intensive supports.

The program is delivered by a peer workforce which provides support for up to 12 weeks.

Support services can be provided face-to-face, via a digital online program and telephone.

Peer Practitioners work with individuals and their families to establish relationships with key service providers to ensure an integrated suite of supports are available to meet their identified needs.

Who for

The program is available to people aged 16 and above who:
- live in the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network
- have presented to an Emergency Department and need support at a level below the requirement for admission
- are an inpatient at a hospital but could be discharged if additional community supports were available
- are referred by Mental Health First Responders and South Australia Ambulance Service following assessment in the community.

Outcome statement

Get connected to the support you need from people with an understanding of your mental health journey.

How to Access

Access is via the pathways identified above. The program is free to eligible clients.