Family and carer services

Family and carer support services - INNER NORTH EASTERN SUBURBS Melbourne

A carer support worker will help identify the most appropriate options for providing respite and support to family members, friends and other carers.

Options may include brief in-home outreach support, or structured outings and activities for the person experiencing mental ill-health to allow their carer time away from caring duties. Support includes options for fun and learning activities, wellbeing support, out-of-home breaks away including accommodation, and whole-of-family support.

Who for:

Family members, friends and other carers looking after someone living with mental health issues who need support and respite.

How to access:

Through relevant funding in an NDIS package, support funding from another source, or purchase this service with your own funds.

Outcome statement:

The opportunity to restore wellbeing so you can better manage your caring role.
Visit the Mind centre - Abbotsford, Cnr Lulie and Abbott Streets ABBOTSFORD VIC 3067