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Recovery Retreats - GOULBURN region/Greater SHEPPARTON

Short stay getaways for people with mental health disability support needs who live in the Goulburn/Shepparton area.

Mind provides short stay breaks at various locations, offering flexible packages including accommodation, food, help with daily living and support to participate in activities.

Our team are qualified mental health practitioners and are supported by an organisation with over 40 years’ experience working with people affected by psychosocial and intellectual disability.

We will work with you to create the best experience to suit your recovery needs.

Where would I go on a Mind Recovery Retreat?

Our Recovery Retreats are to a range of destinations, and we’re always planning our next supported getaways.

Many of our Recovery Retreats are held at popular tourist destinations. They include holiday houses beside the sea, on mountainsides with beautiful views, or from some of Australia’s stunning and peaceful bushlands. Others are in regional towns.

What will I do at the Mind Recovery Retreat?

And no matter where the destination, your Mind Recovery Retreat support team will have lots of activities planned to make sure your getaway is really something special. From visiting local attractions to movie nights, there really will be something for everyone to enjoy.

The focus of the trip away from home will depend on your needs – it could be a respite getaway, or you might build in attendance at a specialist appointment that is a long way from your usual home, or focus on goals you want to acheive.

Ranging from one to 14 days/nights at a time, for individuals or small groups, these short-stays deliver tailored high quality 24/7 support. 

Who for:

This service is for people who:
- are aged 18-64 years
- are recovering from mental health challenges
- would like to be supported while taking a short break away from home
- can fund this service through an NDIS plan under Short Term Accommodation, another program source, or are able to fund it privately.

How to access:

To speak to someone about upcoming group Recovery Retreats or to explore options for a specially tailored getaway, ask your Mind support worker or call Mind Connect on 1300 286 463.

Outcome statement:

Get away from it all on a short recovery retreat with the support you need from people with specialised skills in mental health recovery.
Goulburn/Shepparton area VIC