Feedback, including complaints, comments or compliments

Mind welcomes feedback, including complaints, comments or compliments from clients, carers, family members, other services and the community. This feedback is used to assist Mind in directing the improvement of services and systems.

You can provide feedback about any aspect of the way Mind conducts its work, by one of the following methods:

  • completing the form below (you must have a valid email address)
  • downloading the feedback form and sending it to us via mail or fax (form may also be requested from any Mind office)
  • sending an email directly to or calling the Mind's Privacy, Feedback and Complaints Officer
  • talking to us (on the phone or in person) or asking someone you trust to tell us for you

All feedback is received by the Privacy, Feedback and Complaints Officer and will be registered by the next working day. If you make a complaint, we'll aim to resolve this for you promptly.

When making a complaint, it's important that you explain the problem and how you'd like it resolved. A Mind staff member can speak with you directly about your complaint and if you need an interpreter we can arrange one for you. We'll always inform you about the outcome of your complaint too.

For more information, please read the What you need to know booklet

Our contact details

Phone: 1300 286 463 (1300 AT MIND)
Email: [email protected]