Sub-acute residential recovery care

Step Up Step Down service - ROCKINGHAM

This is a short term residential service (up to 30 days) providing support for your recovery from mental ill-health that helps you transition out of hospital, or avoid a hospital admission.

The service allows time out for you to work on your recovery. There is a mixture of structured activities and individual one-on-one support time. Family, carers and friends are welcome to visit and become involved.

You will have access to 24-hour support with a staff team that includes:

  • peer support workers with lived experience
  • community mental health practitioners
  • family engagement workers
  • mental health clinicians.

Download Kwelena step up step down referral form

Who for:

This service is for people in the communities of Fremantle, Rockingham, Kwinana, Peel, Armadale and Bentley who are soon to be discharged from a mental health in-patient stay, or need short-term residential mental health support to avoid a hospital admission.

The service provides some time and a place to work on recovery, and to make plans for living safely and well in the community. People staying at Kwelena are supported by community mental health workers in partnership with the person’s clinical team.

People staying at this service already have permanent or stable accommodation in the community. It is not crisis or emergency accommodation. The service does not provide an alternative to acute mental health care.

To be eligible you must:
- have recently received mental health treatment in hospital and no longer need that level of care, but need a bit more support before being able to live at home safely (step down)
- have recently been experiencing declining mental health while living at home, and while you don’t need hospital-level care, you would benefit from recovery support in a short-term residential setting (step up).

How to access:

Referrals can be from public or private mental health services (including a hospital emergency department, community mental health teams, non-government mental health support organisations), private practitioners, GPs or other services. A person can also self-refer.

Outcome statement:

Stabilised mental health and the skills to live safely in the community.

Site description

The Kwelena Step Up Step Down service has 10 self-contained units. Each unit is fully equipped with a fridge, cooking and washing facilities. Linen is provided. There are communal areas, including kitchen and dining, BBQ and places where we hold activities. Internet access is available in the communal rooms.

All you need to bring are your personal items, such as clothing and toiletries, medications, etc.
14 Payne Street ROCKINGHAM WA 6168