Mind believes in the value and expertise of those with lived experience of mental illness, distress and recovery and strives for the inclusion of these perspectives across our workforce.

Mind has a strong commitment to employing peer practitioners across all service models, as well as employing staff in designated lived experience roles in other key departments. Over 50% of our staff have disclosed a lived experience of mental ill health.

Mind’s Peer Work Framework

The Mind Peer Work Framework describes what peer work is, shows the evidence for peer support and why lived experience is important across the organisation. It outlines Mind’s model of peer work (what peer work looks like in practice – including the lived experience knowledge base, peer work values and peer practice principles) and explains how Mind fosters an effective peer workforce.

This document has been developed in consultation with consumers, carers, peer practitioners, other lived experience staff, community mental health practitioners, managers and Mind’s executive team.

The Centre of Excellence in Peer Support

The Centre of Excellence in Peer Support

The Centre of Excellence in Peer Support (CEPS) provides a centralised specialist clearing house and online resource centre for mental health peer support. It has been set up in response to the growing interest in, and recognition of, peer support work.  The CEPS website provides access to a wide range of research and resources for consumers, families and other carers, mental health service staff and provider organisations. The CEPS project officer is also available to provide individualised support.

Visit the Centre of Excellence in Peer Support website.

Charter of Peer Support

Charter of Peer Support

The Charter of Peer Support was developed to ensure that peer support services are available to consumers and carers when and where it was needed. Written by people with a lived experience of mental distress and recovery, the Charter outlines the growing evidence base for peer work, and calls for continued recognition and development of peer support services in mental health. It highlights the unique nature of peer support in providing an unmatched source of expertise, hope and inspiration, empowering people to move forward in their own recovery journeys.  

Charter of Peer Support

Training modules

In line with the Centre of Excellence in Peer Support's aim to promote knowledge sharing, three training modules were developed to aid organisations or individuals in establishing and operating peer support services or groups.






Mind's peer work training

Mind's peer work training

Mind Australia provides a professional development program that supports mental health peer workers with the knowledge, skills and practice principles required for best practice in peer work.  

Our Peer Work Program is designed to create a safe space for people with a lived experience of mental ill-health and recovery to increase their understanding and confidence in their role as a peer worker. 

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