Our magazine Mind View provides information about our activities across Australia; mental health; the issues people with mental ill-health, their carers and family face; and psychosocial support. We also provide information about the mental health system and the NDIS as they relate to consumers and their carers.

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Mind View

Mind View

Mind View is our monthly email bringing the latest mental health news, research, stories and opinions to thousands of readers across Australia from the Mind team.

Mind View subscribers include clients, carers, families, staff, donors, funding agencies, medical practitioners and members of the community.

Mind View is for anyone who has an interest in mental health.

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Annual reports

Annual reports

Mind Annual Report 2021-2022

Cover of 2022 annual reportOur Annual Report is your one-stop tour through our achievements across the range of support services Mind provides across Australia.

Best of all, it includes data on the positive outcomes our clients have achieved after receiving support from Mind Australia.

Mind Annual Report 2021-2022

Mind Financial Statements 2021-2022

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We support people experiencing mental health and wellbeing concerns to find help, hope and purpose in their lives.

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Meet the team including our board and executive.

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Mind is an industry leader in providing professional training in the mental health sector.

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Mind strives to provide high quality services based on evidence of what has been tried and tested.

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Enhancing inclusion for people seriously impacted by mental ill-health and psychosocial disability.