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Mind CEO Gill Callister said the exponential growth of the Haven Foundation’s building program and recognition of Mind’s lived experience leadership have made this a landmark year for Mind Australia.

Ms Callister commented at the release of Mind’s Annual Report, which highlights the organisation’s major achievements across the 2022-2023 Financial Year. 

Ms Callister said the growth of The Haven Foundation’s building program has been especially remarkable. (The Haven Foundation is a subsidiary of Mind Australia.)

“This financial year we secured commitments to build 30 Haven residences by 2028, which will provide support for 450 people. That is absolutely huge,” she said.

“The opportunity for 450 people with serious mental health challenges to have a home as long as they need it – and the support to build a purposeful and fulfilling life for themselves - is unprecedented. To be providing that support in South Australia and New South Wales as well is very exciting.”

This financial year we secured commitments to build 30 Haven residences by 2028, which will provide support for 450 people. That is absolutely huge.
- Mind CEO Gill Callister

This Financial Year the South Australia and New South Wales state governments both committed to funding Haven residences in those states by 2028, the first outside Victoria. 

Ms Callister and Board Chair Allan Fels reflected in the report on the experience of Haven Geelong resident Shaun as emblematic of what Mind service users can achieve. Shaun was hospitalised a remarkable 122 times in the year before moving into the Mind supported Geelong residence but has not been hospitalised for mental ill-health or psychological distress since and is flourishing in his new home with recovery support from Mind.

Ms Callister and Mr Fels said Mind’s lived experience expertise was also in the forefront this financial year in the significant number of peer-centred services Mind has been contracted to deliver or develop. This includes co design of Victoria’s first Lived Experience Residential Service, delivery of new family and carer support services, and new peer led alternatives to Emergency Department presentations in Queensland and South Australia.

Reflecting on Shaun’s experience, the CEO and Board Chair commented on how these new services are transforming not just individual’s lives but the mental health system itself.

“These new services are significant steps in the recovery pathway that Australia’s mental health system is currently undertaking. It is a journey from fragmented service delivery and band aid support towards holistic healing, community connection and full citizenship for all,” they said.

The report also features easy to follow infographics that demonstrate the positive outcomes service users have achieved across all five of Mind’s service streams, based on the evidence of the outcome measures Mind’s research division undertakes.

Explore the Annual Report here.

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